The Origin Story

The idea for Compliance Cloud was born during a conversation between two friends. This conversation was mostly comprised of complaints about the inefficiencies, pain points, and frustrating lack of automation associated with the IT assessment process they were learning during their first consulting jobs. This is the process that any IT auditor worth his salt has been forced to work over the years.

  1. Pre-Engagement - Send the client a request list via email or excel
  2. Documentation Review - The client sends a zip file back (or uploads to a file sharing app if you are lucky) of unorganized and frequently unrelated documentation. You do you best to pull out the relevant information, apply it to the target control framework for the assessment, and record all the evidence within a MASSIVE excel sheet.
  3. Client Interviews - An array of interviews are setup with the relevant stakeholders and supporting players from the clients organization. The results of these meetings are recorded into the above mentioned MASSIVE excel sheet. The assessor may make addition requests which need to be tracked and followed up on.
  4. Reporting - The assessor now goes back to the office and spends several days to several weeks sorting through the excel sheet, pulling out the relevant information and evidence, and copying into a word document (aka The copy/paste exercise).

If you are reading this, it is likely you have encountered this process before and know that it is riddled with problems that are not only annoying for the assessor, but result in increased operational costs across the board.

The result of this conversation between our two friends was the realization that this assessment process was begging for a centralized solution which could leverage automation and technology to facilitate efficent communication and workflow. In simple terms, it needed a web application. Over the next few years, as the friends progressed through their respective careers, the need to build a solution only became more evident. In 2021, the friends decided to take this idea to fruition and Compliance Cloud Solutions was born.

The Team


Zac Davis

Founder and COO

Zac Davis is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Compliance Cloud Solutions (CCS). He has deep experience identifying and solving complex information security problems. The focus of his expertise lies in offensive security operations with experience spanning an array of industries and verticals. Zac’s experience allows him to provide a unique perspective on the information security landscape for CCS clients by identifying real-world security risks and their implications. In doing so, Zac architects solutions to remediate these risks while meeting risk management and compliance objectives.